Bone augmentation

A good foundation for your dental implant

Depending on the state of your jawbone, it may be necessary to augment the bone before inserting an implant to ensure permanent fixation of the dentures. By means of a virtual simulation of the surgical procedure via a planning software, we determine the condition of your jawbone; if necessary, we augment the bone substance using a biological membrane, endogenous bone material or synthetic bone replacement. The membrane protects the endogenous bone so that it can regenerate and form new bone substance. After successful bone augmentation, the insertion of an implant as an artificial bone root can proceed without any problems. The membrane will dissolve automatically after some time. Thanks to pre-surgical digital planning, we can use gentle minimally invasive processes to position the implant accurately in your jaw. Having used bone augmentation methods for many years, your Dentists in Haslach are very experienced. To be up-to-date with scientific progress to ensure that we treat our patients according to the latest medical standards, we regularly attend further education events and training courses.