Jaw joint diagnosis and therapy

Malfunctions of the jaw joint

For your Dentists in Haslach, the focus is on your dental health, but we always treat our patients with their overall health in view. Symptoms such as pain when chewing, swallowing or yawning, tinnitus, headache or neck pain, tension headaches in the temple or jaw area, as well as tooth loosening or migration can point to malfunctions of the jaw joint. These malfunctions can be due to various causes, such as badly fitting dentures, lost teeth, or stress-related teeth gritting. Modern jaw joint diagnostics offers different ways to identify a craniomandibular dysfunction (in short: CMD). Digital volume tomography (DVT) provides high-quality, detailed three-dimensional images of the patient’s anatomical structures and characteristics in a matter of seconds. These images are accurate to the millimetre. The digital camera of the 3Shape scanner takes high-resolution 3D photos of your teeth and gums. Extremely fast and absolutely contact-free, the scanner produces a digital impression of your teeth. Based on these images, we manufacture a bite splint custom-made for your jaw which corrects the dysfunctional jaw movement. Combination with interdisciplinary medical treatments, for example physiotherapy, is useful as a supplementary therapy.