Prevention 50+

Prevention in the second half of your life

Once you turn fifty, the demands on your teeth and gums change. Regular dental appointments are the key to maintaining your dental health and thus your quality of life. The correlation between dental health and general health should not be underestimated. Preventive care and customised treatment methods can help avoid specific diseases occurring in senior years. For people of age 50 and up, special risk factors such as hormonal changes, general diseases such as diabetes, a weakened immune system, smoking and an unhealthy diet are particular hazards for your teeth and can cause for example root and secondary caries. But this risk can be significantly reduced by well-targeted preventive care, in particular in the form of professional deep-cleaning. We will be happy to give you detailed advice on a healthy diet, daily dental hygiene and other measures preventing caries. Regular appointments with your Dentists in Haslach in Kinzigtal are important to detect changes in your oral cavity early and treat them immediately.