Technical equipment

State-of-the-art technology for accurate diagnostics and treatment

To offer you a premium treatment concept, we outfitted our practice KINZIGDENTAL in Haslach with state-of-the-art technical equipment for accurate and reliable diagnostics and treatment planning. The digital volume tomograph (DVT) generates an image of the jaw and gives a detailed view of all the characteristics of your anatomy. The benefit of the DVT is the particularly low-radiation imaging process. Due to the three-dimensionality of the image, surgical interventions, e.g. in implantology, can be planned more precisely and performed with increased safety for patients and practitioners. With the help of the 3Shape scanner, accurate images of your anatomical conditions can be captured fully digitally, and saved as a precise 3D model. The data from the 3D scan is transmitted to the dental laboratory which virtually designs your dentures on the computer and transmits this design to a milling machine, which then manufactures the structure with extraordinary precision from a piece of metal, ceramics or plastic. Compared to conventional (analogue) impression or plaster model technique, this technology is characterised by a much more accurate fit of the resulting denture. Furthermore, you benefit from the non-contact digital impression without any impression compound.