Sedation options

For treatment with minimal stress and discomfort

To make sure you experience treatment with minimal stress and discomfort, KINZIGDENTAL offers a range of sedation options. For complex procedures requiring more than local anaesthesia or for patients suffering from dental phobia, we offer treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia. Treatment under general anaesthesia will always be supervised by a specifically trained and highly experienced anaesthetist. He will thoroughly examine you pre-treatment and inform you in detail about the surgical procedure. In our practice, treatment under general anaesthesia as well as the technical equipment used comply with hospital standards. However, general anaesthesia is quite stressful for your body because you will not be conscious and require artificial respiration. With treatment under sedation, on the other hand, you will be conscious but will feel deeply relaxed so that you can float through treatment. Since you will breathe naturally, sedation is gentler on your body than general anaesthesia. We will be happy to discuss which is the best option for you.