Periodontal therapy

For healthy gums and strong teeth

Periodontics deals with the different types of diseases of the periodontal apparatus. Successful periodontal therapy stops the inflammation-related gum loss due as well as the bone loss which potentially accompanies it. Because periodontitis is usually painless at first, regular dental preventive care is essential in order to diagnose it in good time and start the appropriate therapy. The goal of modern periodontal therapy is the long-term preservation of the patient’s own teeth. We can only achieve this with your support and regular professional pre- and aftercare. The treatment spectrum of your Dentists in Haslach in the field of periodontal therapy includes the following services:
  • Treatment of gum bleeding and gingivitis
  • Microbiological DNA probe tests for bacteria determination
  • Conservative closed treatment of gingival pockets
  • Surgical open treatment of gingival pockets
  • Bone regeneration measures and fill-in of defects
  • Furcation treatment
  • Treatment of exposed dental necks/recession coverage
  • Gingiva transplantation
  • Periodontal regeneration/membrane treatment
In a personal discussion, we will gladly inform you in detail about the various treatment options to find the therapy that suits you.