Children’s dental care

Healthy teeth for our youngest patients

As parents of six children of our own, we, your Dentists in Haslach, know the importance of giving children an age-adequate introduction to the basics of dental hygiene. Our treatment of children is marked by empathy and sensitivity so that children will not feel anxious about going to the dentist and be motivated to keep their teeth healthy. All our staff love children and are happy to make all young patients welcome. No question about it: Children are our future! We will be happy to give you some advice about how to make dental hygiene an integral part of your child’s life. In this way, even our youngest patients develop an awareness for the significance of proper dental care. Having given dental care to the children in various Haslach kindergartens for more than two decades, we are very experienced in paediatric dentistry. Focussing on preventive care in keeping with your child’s individual requirements, we furthermore offer the entire range of children’s dental services such as placeholders, crowns for primary teeth, and primary tooth endodontics. Our aim is a gentle, low-stress treatment session for your child. In complex cases, treatment under sedation or general anaesthesia may be an option.