Fixed dentures in one single day

The innovative implantology concept Fixed-teeth-in-one-day makes it possible to get fixed artificial teeth in one session. Four implants are inserted in the patient’s jawbone, the two rear ones at a slight inclination. Since only four implants are needed, the treatment can be completed within one single session. A few hours after insertion of the implants, a fixed bridge can be attached which allows you to speak, eat and laugh naturally – a new quality of life from the first day. In a second appointment about ten days later, we will check the healing process and presumably remove the threads. Thanks to the use of premium materials, the Fixed-teeth-in-one-day method is well tolerated by the patient’s body. It is suitable for almost every patient. Another advantage are the costs, which are lower than those for traditional implantation methods. After about three to five months, the implants become integrated into the jawbone. We, your Dentists in Haslach, will be pleased do inform you personally about this innovative implantology concept.