Cosmetic dentistry

Beautiful teeth and reconstruction

Beautiful teeth and a perfect smile boost our self-esteem. They are a sign of vitality and youthfulness. Healthy, beautiful teeth are a status symbol and a way to succeed in private and professional life. We, your Dentists in Haslach in central Kinzigtal, want to make sure that the look of your “new teeth” is almost indistinguishable from that of natural teeth. Here, our master dental technician plays an important role: He will be join in during your appointment to determine your natural tooth colour and later shade your reconstructed tooth to blend in perfectly with your remaining teeth. Your customised dental prosthesis will be manufactured for you in our in-house master laboratory. In addition to the entire spectrum of modern tooth-coloured materials (all-ceramics and plastics) and bleaching of teeth, the appearance and presence of sufficient gum and soft tissue are also important for natural beauty. Exposed tooth necks can be rebuilt by means of recession coverage, and missing bone can be reconstructed by regenerative techniques. There is no need to accept tooth gaps or poorly fitting temporary solutions while the implant becomes integrated into the bone. With the right know-how, implants can bear stress directly after insertion so that the dental prosthesis can be placed within just one session if the appropriate conditions are met. Near-painless treatment is a matter of course for us. If desired, patients with high treatment anxiety will be treated by your Dentists in Haslach on fixed monthly days under sedation or general anaesthesia. We have been giving treatment under sedation for many years. Treatment options:
  • Gingiva transplantation
  • Bone and soft tissue augmentation
  • Bleaching (LINK)
  • High-quality plastic fillings
  • Ceramic inlays, partial crowns
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Full-ceramic dental prostheses used with crowns, bridges and implants
  • Galvano-crowns for discoloured teeth after root channel treatment